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Our landfill facilities are rapidly filling up. This resource will run out in time, but we can ensure that we lengthen the time we have this resource by recycling our organic household waste. Approximately half of all household waste is organic and most of this can be recycled. This will reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill and also reduce contamination and greenhouse gasses. 
For a range of waste solutions in Sydney, look no further than No Fuss Waste Solutions Pty Ltd for affordable, reliable and sustainable services for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We specialise in the removal and disposal of liquid waste and provide effective organic waste solutions, for the benefit of the environment.
We operate a product destruction facility at Emu Plains, directly opposite our liquid disposal depots, and can effectively dispose of a range of waste, rather than sending it to landfill. So, if you need to dispose of products made of cardboard, glass, tin, alloy, aluminium, paper, plastic or anything else, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to reuse, recycle or repurpose it in some way. We can also destroy alcohol, as per the ruling from the Australian Taxation Office.

Environmentally sound

At No Fuss Waste Solutions Pty Ltd, we are passionate about helping people to reduce their impact on the environment and work hard to ensure all waste is dealt with efficiently and effectively. We also offer free quotes for all our customers, so you’ll always know upfront how much our services will cost.

Using the most up-to-date equipment and machinery, we can handle more than 80 pallets of organic waste per day and currently run three destruction machines at our site. Meanwhile, all liquid waste created by the destruction process is repurposed and used either as a bioreactor to create electricity or as land fertiliser.

For all your organic waste needs, just contact our friendly team at No Fuss Waste Solutions Pty Ltd and we’ll be happy to help.

Call us today on 02 4735 8966 for more information about our organic waste solutions in Sydney.


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