Liquid Waste

Professional liquid waste solutions in
Sydney, Newcastle, Lithgow & Wollongong

Liquid Waste

No Fuss Waste Solutions Pty Ltd provides professional, sustainable solutions for liquid waste throughout Sydney, working with domestic, commercial and industrial customers. We can reclaim, recycle and repurpose all types of liquid waste for your convenience, with competitive prices guaranteed.
Our team specialises in liquid waste pump-outs and disposal, working quickly to ensure an efficient job at all times. We also offer free quotes for all potential work and have a fleet of nine trucks, so we can handle large or small jobs as required. Indeed, our trucks can hold between 3,000 and 15,000 litres of liquid waste, while our tiny tanker can hold 3,000 litres and can get into low-access areas.
At No Fuss Waste Solutions Pty Ltd, we can pump out any non-hazardous liquid waste, including:


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Oily waters
Grey waters
Cooking oil
Ground waters
Grease traps
Muddy waters
Other organic liquid wastes
Industrial water
Fire wash waters
Since 2013, Sydney Water no longer rebates your costs for grease traps, but if you call No Fuss Waste Solutions Pty Ltd, we can handle this for you. Whether you operate a restaurant, club, school, hospital, sporting association, or warehouse, just give us a call to see how you can reduce the cost of your liquid waste services.
Call us today on 02 4735 8966 for more information about our professional liquid waste solutions in Sydney.
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